A favorite


This little mousey was photographed hiding by the suspension coils of Om Banna's 350 cc Royal Enfeild Bullet motorcycle.

The story goes that Om Banna was on his way out of Bangdi in Rajasthan, when he lost control of his motorcycle and was killed. Local police took the motorcycle to a nearby police station - only to have it vanish by the next morning. It was recovered later at its original crash site and taken back to the police station, only to have it vanish again. This continued for some time, with the bike faithfully returning to the crash site of Om Banna.

The bike's unwavering dedication to its rider endeared itself in the hearts of the locals and they built a glass housing for the Bullet Bike at the crash site. Now known as "Bullet Baba's Shrine", the site's sacred founder, Om Banna is said to ease the stress of travelers who pay their respects on the way past. 

As for the mouse, it went quietly undiscovered until I sorted through images some time later. It was a welcome surprise, and the photo has since become a favorite of mine.