Antonov - 124 Sydney International


By chance, we were in Sydney in March when an Antonov-124 Ruslan passed through on its way from the Avalon International Airshow.

We took a train from the CBD to Tempe in the morning, though the Antonov was late to depart. We camped out on a few traffic bollards to wait. I spent the time photographing other incoming aircraft while Jack kept vigil.

After a few (6) hours, the unwieldy outline of the Antonov made it to short finals in the distance. With a camera in each hand, I took my eyes away from the viewfinder to watch unimpeded as the hulking mass of aircraft passed impossibly slowly over our heads. Fortunately, the shots lined up.

This particular Antonov-124, registered RA-82046, operates under Russian cargo company Volga-Dnepr Airlines. It’s around 25 years old. It departed Sydney International the next day, bound for Hawaii.